What Big Trailers Are Coming During Super Bowl 51 ?

Super Bowl 51 is almost on us, and for sports fans is the event not to be missed this year. Not all movie lovers are watching NFL football but historically have had a good reason to grant because the studies are known to leave new trailers and TV spots for the next releases. This seems to be the case again this year, with Disney, Fox, Sony and Paramount setting up an average of $ 5 million pieces of 30 seconds of air time. The question is, what films will see the pictures?

Super Bowl

The deadline indicates that Disney will announce two films to come during the Super Bowl this year. They could not say with certainty what movies the House of Mouse will promote, but Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 seems a safe bet, as it is the next Marvel movie scheduled to hit theaters, with a premium summer outing 5 May last. The second film could most likely be Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, which is the fifth in the multi-billion Disney franchise and is scheduled for May 26th. They have only released a single teaser this day and this teaser does not even have Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow, so the large number of Super Bowl eyeballs will bring might be the perfect time for Disney to drop a new trailer for Pirates 5. Caribbean sounds as if we were watching the first scenes of Star Wars: the Last Jedi during the big game, but that could change.

Fox is almost guaranteed to dedicate one of their places to Logan, which will be the third and final film to introduce Wolverine Hugh Jackman as the iconic mutant. He played the character for nearly two decades, but ultimately is hanging claws and a very positive buzz, Fox will want to raise the public as high as possible before the release date of March 3rd. The study also seems to have some confidence in Gore Verbinski’s next horror / thriller, A Cure For Wellness, as a deadline report that will likely be the second film that Fox bought time for air. With a release date of February 17, A Cure For Wellness will come less than two weeks after the Super Bowl comes to light, so it could be the perfect time to make the general public aboard.

Paramount has supposedly only one place and deadline thinks you’ll use it to promote the upcoming R-rated Baywatch, featuring Dwayne’s “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron. This film is also on May 26, so it seems a good fit. However, the Transformers franchise has a history of air spots during the Super Bowl and Michael Bay Transformers: The last Knight will be released on June 23, so Paramount may be using the venue to push the fifth round of their cash cow franchise into the public . Sony made a deal with Marvel Studios that allowed Spider-Man to join the fun Cinematic Universe Marvel and Spider-Man: Homecoming scheduled for July 7, it is possible that Sony will buy time to promote the film . Otherwise, Sony could go with a friendly family-friendly brandnames Smurfs approach: The Village Lost.

Warner Bros did not buy any time of the ad, despite the release date of Wonder Woman on June 2 is fast approaching. Deadline to note that some of the promotional partners Warner Bros. Maybe bought ad time, so we could see something like Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Turkish Airlines fell in place during the Super Bowl last year. In any case, it seems that movie fans will have many reasons to watch the big game this year. Or they can simply wait until the spots appear online. Super Bowl 2017 will air on Fox on February 5th.

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